We’re proud to be one of the integral businesses who’re partnered with LandAid. The construction and property industry charity have, for over 30 years, brought businesses and individuals from across our industry together to achieve lasting change. Their vision? To end youth homelessness within the UK.

Every year, thousands of young people in the UK find themselves homeless and it’s a problem that we’re helping them tackle. Through a network of corporate partners they invest funding and expertise where they can to achieve lasting impact. Their key values are:

  • They collaborate – we’re stronger in partnership
  • They enable – helping charities to achieve real change
  • They learn – putting learning at the heart of everything
  • They’re responsible – careful, accountable and transparent in the use of donations
  • Demanding better – always believing there’s room for improvement

Our partnership with LandAid has seem them present their charity, values and work to hundreds of delegates at our conferences whilst we’re holding our own event to raise up to £30,000 a year for LandAid – the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Networking Challenging. The event will see business professionals from the construction and property industry take on a networking challenge like no other – networking with a difference to make a difference.