Crewe Train Station ‘needs altering’ for HS2

Posted on: May 17th, 2018
Posted by: Nathan Spencer
Categories: North West

Crewe Train Station will need to be altered before the arrival of the new high-speed train network – HS2. According to Council officials the station is ‘unlikely to be able to accommodate’ the influx of travellers using the route, with thousands of extra HS2 passengers expected, without major changes being made.

Cheshire East Council have said the station needs a new main entrance, a road bridge and additional parking. The station will become a hub when the line is extended from Manchester and is expected to arrive in Crewe in 2027.

The Government are set to respond to the requests later this year with a spokesperson for the Department for Transport saying proposals ‘will be subject to affordability, including the scale of any local contribution to costs and value for money.’

A document submitted by the Council to MPs says the stations main entrance is unlikely to accommodate the increased patronage resulting from HS2, which could put further pressure on the local highway network. There was also requests made for a new main entrance on Weston Road with additional car parking and another pedestrian entrance on Gresty Road – with a proposed new road bridge south of the station.

Crewe is set to benefit from a huge economic boost with the arrival of HS2 – with the improved connectivity attracting investors, workers, businesses and more. We’re excited to hear more about the potential in Crewe and the surrounding area from HS2 – set to be one of the panel sessions on the North West section of our HS2 Economic Growth Conference later this year.

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