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Construction Design & Materials For The Next 20 Years Conference

Wednesday, 10th November 2021 0830hrs – Thursday, 11th November 2021 1600hrs

Kensington Town Hall, London, Hornton Street, W8 7NX | Hybrid Conference – Attend Physically or Virtually

Built Environment Networking brings you a brand new conference and exhibition dedicated to the development of construction design and materials over the next 20 years. Bringing together over 300 leaders from the property, development, design, materials and construction industries, this conference will drive forward the design and materials agenda looking at the major innovations, challenges and solutions.

With the pandemic having thrown our lives into disarray made us all ask searching questions about our futures, the built environment sector will have to do the same whilst also incorporating the trends brought on by Brexit and the ever increasing need for flexibility. This conference will to delve into the pressing construction design and materials questions such as:

  1. How do we create design flexibility in a building for the next 60+ years when we don’t really know what will be needed for in 10 years?!
  2. How do we promote greater transparency, post-Hackitt report, regarding product performance and suitability?
  3. What are the key design changes and challenges coming?

We will be hearing from 30+ VIP expert speakers from across the public and private sectors who will share their expertise on stage through a series of panel discussions, Q&As and presentations.

Topics to be discussed:

  • £20BN of TFL schemes, their drive to create sustainable places and engage in the materials and design space
  • Abri’s plans to build 10,000 sustainable homes as well as their £215 million investment in their housing stock

Speakers for this event include:

08:30-09:30 Breakfast & Networking
09:30-10:30 Session One: The Future of Product Performance and Transparency

This session delve into the future of construction materials – with thought leaders and innovators from major organisations discussing the challenges the sector will face over the next 20 years whilst also looking at the introduction of the CPA’s Code for Construction Product Information and the products and solutions in the offing.

10:15-11:10 Break & Networking
11:10-12:15 Session Two: How Can a Client Achieve The 'Golden Thread'?

Safety and sustainability is at the forefront of the conversation regarding design and how data can link all processes of construction and the building life cycle. This session will focus on this important topic with contributions from major organisation providing the solutions.

12:15-13:10 Lunch & Networking
13:10-14:15 Session Three: But What About Our Zero Carbon Targets and Existing Housing Stock?

As one of the most in vogue topics in the property and construction sector, materials will be key in helping the UK meet its zero carbon targets. This session will explore the best material products on the market to help us meet our zero carbon targets.

Chair: Built Environment Networking; Amanda Griffiths, Director

TfL Property; Derek Wilson, Head of Sustainability

Other speakers TBC

14:15-14:55 Break & Networking
14:55-16:00 Session Four: Beyond BIM – The Case For a Digital Twin in the Public Sector

This session will look at the role digitalisation will play in constructing the UK’s future buildings. With the UK being slow in implementing BIM, we’ll hear from thought leaders and innovators as to how BIM will help organisations transform how they design, build and use their buildings.  

Centre for Digital Built Britain; Miranda Sharp, Director of the National Digital Twin Programme

Other speakers TBC

16:00-16:30 Conference Summary and Close
08:30-09:30 Breakfast & Networking
09:30-10:30 Session One: Design and Innovation for Future Healthcare Needs

An aging population and being pandemic ready are going to influence some of the major requirements of our future healthcare needs and this sessions will delve into the future design needs of our hospitals and medical buildings and look at the innovations that will help us meet those requirements.

10:30-11:10 Break & Networking
11:10-12:15 Session Two: Design and Innovation for Future Residential Needs

Increasing urbanisation over the past 30 years has meant our residential needs have changed towards city living but with the pandemic having created demand for homes with extra space and garden facilities, are we about to see a major change in trend? This session will explore the future design needs with contributions from experts who are innovating to create our future communities.

Chair: Built Environment Networking; Amanda Griffiths, Director

Abri; Jonathan Rickard, Head of Sustainability and Design

Other speakers TBC

12:15-13:10 Lunch & Networking
13:10-14:15 Session Three: Design and Innovation for Future Commercial Needs

Even before the pandemic, commercial needs were changing with major investment needed to resurrect our high streets. But with the pandemic creating a further trend change towards ‘hybrid’ working and working remotely this session will explore future commercial and office design needs with thought leaders from organisations creating innovative future commercial and office developments.

14:15-14:55 Break & Networking
14:55-16:00 Session Four: Design and Innovation for Future Education Needs

With billions of pounds spent on education estates development projects across the UK each year, numerous new academies and schools being built, and thousands of students coming from across the globe to study on modern, high-spec campuses, this session will delve into the future design requirements in the realm of schools, student accommodation, colleges and universities whilst exploring innovative solutions to these requirements.

16:00-16:30 Conference Summary and Close

We’re set to have a plethora of expert names join us to discuss the future of design and materials in the construction industry. The speakers include:

TfL Property – Derek Wilson, Head of Sustainability

Transport for London (TfL) are the fabric that knits together major investment and development opportunities in London where they are the ultimate driver of economic growth, with over £20bn worth of developer led schemes approved across the 32 boroughs of London. As Head of Sustainability at TFL Commercial, Derek will be well placed to discuss TFL’s sustainability drive in their developments and how they are actively working in the construction materials and design space to create healthier and more sustainable places.



Centre for Digital Built Britain – Miranda Sharp, Director of the National Digital Twin Programme

Miranda is Director of Innovation at Ordnance Survey and founder of the Smart Cities practice which collaborates with and supports enterprises from the public and private sectors, researchers from academia and OS’s Geovation community of innovators in the use and exploitation of place-based data.  She advises on digital infrastructure, as a member of the Mayor’s Smart London Board, the Digital Framework Task Group, Future Leader for ICE Project 13 and to the award-winning SME, See Sense.   Her interest is in seizing the golden opportunities emerging from a ‘Smarter’ world supported by innovative business and regulation models.

Abri – Jonathan Rickard, Head of Sustainability and Design

Abri are planning to build at least 10,000 high quality, sustainable homes over the next decade whilst also investing £215 million in their existing housing stock – ensuring they are sustainable and support their plans to play their part in tackling climate change. As head of design at Abri, Jonathan will give more details on Abri’s approach to residential design and finding the right materials to hit their sustainable and zero carbon ambitions whilst also looking to break their 1,000 homes built per year target.

Built Environment Networking – Amanda Griffiths, Director

Amanda is one of the Co-Founder’s of Built Environment Networking – formed almost 10 years ago.

She’ll be hosting a number of the sessions throughout the day, running the days proceedings and managing the interaction between our virtual delegates and the speakers.

Amanda Coupland Director Built Environment Networking

This unique conference will bring together the construction industry to highlight the future of design and materials. There will be plenty of exhibitors showcasing their brand and best practice in the industry, whilst helping them reap the rewards of being prominently displayed within the events exhibition area in front of some key and influential business leaders.

Modular Construction Off Site Development Build Public Sector

Exhibiting will allow you to:

  • Meet 300+ delegates face to face
  • Be part of the inaugural Construction Design & Materials For The Next 20 Years Conference
  • Be seen as a leading firm in the construction industry’s bid to innovative and future proof
  • Network with hundreds of your business clients and peers
  • Showcase your work to end-users, developers, contractors, architects, consultants and high-level influencers across the industry

Confirmed Exhibitors:

If you’re interested in exhibiting at the conference then get in touch with our team – with space available for standard exhibition stalls or larger spaces to showcase more of your brand and create an eye-catching area contact:

Email: keith.griffiths@built-environment-networking.com

We can’t wait to welcome you back to our physical face-to-face conferences – but we understand that safety will also be paramount and therefore to put you at ease we wanted to confirm some of the steps we’re putting in place to ensure we minimise any risk. The situation surrounding Covid-19 is ever changing however here’s an overview of steps and procedures we’ve put in place.

Condition of Entry

Delegates will have to show proof of their Covid status upon entry either in form of both vaccinations (first and second dose) or a negative NHS lateral flow test.

You will be asked to demonstrate this through showing an NHS Covid Pass – which can be gained by downloading the NHS App onto your smartphone. You can also download and show an offline version or print a copy of your status and show the printed version.

If you haven’t had both vaccine does we advise that all delegates take an NHS Lateral Flow Test 48-hours before the event – you can order them directly to your address here.

If you were to report a positive test result before the event we expect that you would follow the correct Government guidelines. All of our physical events will be held virtually so you’ll be able to join the event or alternatively exchange your ticket to a future event.

Mask Wearing

The wearing of masks at our physical events will not be mandatory.

Social Distancing

There will not be a requirement for social distancing however we will have introduced a number of things at the event to help minimise any risk such as increased spacing between aisles and chairs.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will be installed in certain areas at the event.

Other Safety Information

Depending on the venue we may also have sign-age for certain rights of way and doors may be left open to leave less touch-points across the venue including on doors/toilets.

We will have designated areas for drinks/rubbish to ensure these aren’t left around the venue, and all lunch will be provided in pre-prepared bags.

Hybrid Events

To ensure those who are uncertain about attending physical events can still gain access you will have the option of purchasing a physical or virtual ticket. The virtual ticket will enable you to view the event sessions, ask questions to the speakers, and private message/request video calls with those attendees who’re at the event physically.


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Wednesday, 10th November 2021

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