The aims and values of Built Environment can be simply summed up by our strapline below:

Connecting People

We exist to provide networking opportunities around the UK for members of the property and construction industry; and it is to this challenge that we apply ourselves to everyday. Our aim is to be able to help our clients increase their business profit by providing panels of only end-users and an extremely high level of attendees to network with, at all of our events.

We won’t charge you to come to a “talking shop”; we will always provide what we call “knowledge transfer” presentations; our panels are always end-users; clients who are able to pay you for your services – our aim is best value at all times for our clients.

To this extent, we are NOT a MEMBERSHIP organisation; we will only charge you to come to events that you want to come to; we will not charge you further for the privilege of being able to then pay to come to an event.

Furthermore, do you know of any other networking organisation that offers a no quibble, money back guarantee for all tickets purchased – if you are not entirely satisfied, we will refund your money – see below. 










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