Our Values

Built Environment Networking is much more than an events company. We enable businesses to thrive within the UK – enabling them to make new connections and reap the commercial benefits of being in the know of exciting and ambitious development opportunities. We facilitate introductions to civic and business leaders to help businesses win business. We put decision makers into one room – driving economic discussions, debates and aligning the public and private sector together to maximise development and regeneration opportunities across the whole of the UK.

As the UK’s leading provider of the networking conferences for the construction and property industry we’ve got a responsibility to ensure we’re contributing to the economic vision of the regions, cities and towns we visit. Not only do we put together those who’re able to make a real difference into one room, we’re ensuring that we play our part too, whether it be introducing potential partners who’re able to unlock massive developments, to promoting our industry to youngsters to help drive additional skilled workers – we’re always looking to help our industry!

Take a look at some of the values we’re proud to hold at Built Environment Networking:

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