Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Conference FAQs

When and where are your conferences held?

We hold over 70 conferences each year, with events held all across the UK and Ireland. To see the current conferences which are live and available to book click here, and for a calendar of future conferences sign up for our marketing emails here.

What is the format for your evening conferences?

Our evening conferences are the more frequent events which we put on, and are focused on regional subject matters. The format would usually run:

  • Registration – This usually opens at around 3pm and you’ll be greeted by our friendly team along with a programme, magazine and name badge
  • Networking – Networking takes place once you’re registered with high-level professionals in the construction and property sector in attendance. The networking happens over wine, beer and soft drinks and gives you time to make new connections for just over an hour.
  • Speaker Presentations – We usually hear from between 4-6 speakers who’ll deliver presentations on their businesses’ future development plans, projects and schemes, and how delegates can get involved. This is followed by a Q&A with the audience with this part of the conference usually taking place until 6.15pm.
  • Networking & Food – We then open the floor again for networking, with the speakers usually staying in attendance to engage with the audience, whilst hot food and further drinks are serviced.
  • VIP Speakers’ Dinner – Once the conference closes at 7pm the speakers and those who’ve purchase VIP tickets will visit a nearby restaurant and take the conversation into a more relaxed and closed environment.

What is the format of your one-day conferences?

We hold several one-day conferences over the course of the year focused on regional economic growth or important subject matters within the industry such as Healthcare and Frameworks. The format would usually be:

  • Networking – The conferences allow for plenty of networking time with several breaks during the panel discussions and workshops to connect with industry professionals from all sectors of the built
  • Keynotes – We hear from 3-4 of the industry’s biggest names to hear their thoughts on the conference topic, how they see the future, and how they’ll be looking to collaborate with those in the region to deliver improvements, growth and more.
  • Panel Discussions – Our conferences usually host several panel discussions around the key topics in the regional or industry debate – such as housing, infrastructure, devolution, economy and more. The panels have a great mix of public and private sector companies with the leading figures of the region and industry coming together – with plenty of Q&A engagement from the audience.
  • Exhibiting – We have several exhibitors at our conferences who’ll be showcasing best practice and looking to engage with those in the industry and region to develop new relationships.

How do I get the best out of the conferences?

Be prepared – and use the networking time wisely. On arrival you’ll be given a programme with the names and companies attending – make sure you speak with those who could really benefit both parties through collaboration.

Sponsorship is also a great way to get involved and opens up the conversations with introductions with the speakers, the ability to ask the first question in the Q&A period, and to spend time afterwards with the speakers at the VIP Dinner.

Do you share the presentations after the conference?

Once the conference has finished we’ll send out an email including several things – including presentations from the conference. The presentations will be sent at the discretion of the companies presenting and therefore we may not always be able to share all presentations and slides at the speakers’ request as sensitive and exclusive news can be revealed at the conferences.

Tickets & Booking FAQs

Do I have to become a member to attend your conferences?

No, you don’t have to sign up to any membership to attend our conferences, they can simply be booked on an event by event basis.

How do I book a ticket for a conference?

There are several options available to you including:

  • Book online – the easiest way to book tickets is to visit the conference page on the website, scroll to the bottom and add a ticket into the cart, and then follow the on-screen instructions to checkout. You’ll then receive an instant booking form confirmation and e-ticket.
  • Cheque/Off-line Transaction – you can download the booking form from the website; this can be found at the top of the conference page. Fill out the details and follow the booking form instructions to pay by cheque or allow us to take an offline credit card sale.
  • Invoice – you can download the booking form from the website to fill out your contact details and then please email Maxine Poole and request for your company to be invoiced. We’ll be in touch to confirm the invoice before sending over the booking confirmation and e-ticket.

How much do tickets costs?

Tickets vary at each conference depending on the location, the type of ticket and the conference. Evening tickets usually range from £79+ and VIP tickets from £219+. For conferences tickets usually start at £179, however there are discounted prices for public sector workers and students.

When will my ticket arrive? 

You’ll receive an e-ticket to the email address you gave on payment, and this can be printed. There will be no physical copy sent via post.

What if I haven’t received my ticket?

If you call the office on 0113 390 4700 we’ll be able to organise for the ticket to be resent by email.

What if I forgot to print my ticket?

We’ll have a badge waiting for you at the registration area for each conference, simply give your name and company to our friendly team.

Can the name/attendee details be changed?

Yes, if you’re unable to make the conference or somebody is looking to take your place please contact us with the initial booking details and the new attendee details including name, email and phone contact details, job title and company.

Can tickets be refunded?

We do allow for refunds up to 14 days prior to the conference taking place. Please contact us with your request.

Can tickets be exchanged or transferred to another conference?

We do allow for tickets to be exchanged onto other conferences up to 14 days prior to the conference taking place. Please contact us with your request.

What is the difference between a normal ticket and a VIP ticket?

The standard ticket will gain you access to the main conference, which includes networking team before and after hearing from the speakers who’ll deliver a 15-minute presentation. The VIP ticket gains you access to the conference, however it also gains you access into the VIP Dinner after the conference, which is usually held at a Michelin Star restaurant close to the conference venue. The VIP Dinner is attended by the speakers and others who’ve purchased tickets, with a maximum limit set per event on the number of attendees.

How many people from our company should attend?

We’d always suggest for two or more people to attend from your business. Due to the volume of delegates it’s a great opportunity to network with industry professionals. With the wide variety of delegates we have attending it’s likely that there are numerous commercial opportunities with companies attending and having more people both visible and networking at the conference is an opportunity not to be missed.

Can I reserve a seat?

We reserve the front two rows at the conference for sponsors, allowing them a clear view of the speakers and an opportunity to network first with the speakers once the presentations have ended. The rest of the seats cannot be reserved unless a delegate has a medical condition – if this is the case please contact us to arrange for suitable seating.

Do we offer press passes? 

We do, subject to availability of tickets, allow press to attend our conferences. Depending on the request of the press attending and the speakers’ availability we may not always be able to offer press tickets to our events. Please contact Nathan Spencer with details on which conference you’d be looking to attend.

Do you have a cloakroom or storage area?

This depends on the venue location but we try and have a clock-area in each venue where items of clothing or bags can be left at the owner’s risk. If you have left an item of clothing/luggage at a conference contact us and we’ll be able to contact the venue and delegates.

Can I take photographers during the event?

We’re happy for photographs to be taken during the conference, and feel free to upload these onto social media. We’ll share a hashtag which can be used at each conference to join in the conversation.

I’m a wheelchair user, can I access the conference?

We try to accommodate for all at our conferences. Please contact us prior to booking to confirm but the locations and venues we choose will usually offer access by wheelchair.


How do I receive your Development Insights magazine?

You can download the magazine, which includes insights of developments happening regionally and nationally, here.

How do I sign up to receive updates about your conferences? 

You can sign up to receive emails about our conferences when they go live here. Simply fill out your details and you’ll begin to receive marketing emails and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Can I speak at an event?

Our conference panels are planned in advance to ensure a diverse set of speakers to engage with a variety of different industry sectors and companies who we have in attendance. Although we don’t usually offer speaking opportunities if you feel like you’d add something to our panel please feel free to contact us. There are speaking opportunities and best practice opportunities are some of our one-day conferences through sponsorship, and you can contact the team on further details if this is of interest.

Are your events CPD certified?

They are, you’ll receive a certificate within our event programme signed by our Managing Director, Keith Griffiths. If you didn’t pick one of these up please contact our team.

Industry FAQs

What is a Smart City?

It’s an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. Characteristics of a Smart City may include more efficient infrastructure through AI and data analytics, an ability to engage with communities in local governance, and the ability to innovate and response to changing circumstances by improving the intelligence of the city.

What is the Public Frameworks Database?

The Public Frameworks Database is a system which allows you to see every Public Sector Framework within the UK. It will allow you to improve your bidding process and target those key frameworks in advance, giving you enough time to meet and prepare for discussions with public sector bodies ahead of any framework negotiations.

What is One Public Estate?

One Public Estate is a national programme jointly run by the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit and the Local Government Association (LGA). It supports joint working across central and local government to release land and property and boost economic growth, regeneration and integrated public services.


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