March – May 2020

In this magazine we hear about:
• How Birmingham City Council are seeking developers for new regeneration schemes in the city centre
• The £1bn transformation of Olympia Exhibition Centre – as Yoo Capital look to restore its glory
• Historic buildings and heritage mills, and how authorities and working to ensure these unique and cultural assets aren’t lost
• North Glasgow which is being targeted for a mass of development activity being led by the City Council
• What’s next for Wales – now that the largest regeneration in Wales has all but been signed off, what’s the next big project
• Information about the world’s first tidal lagoon set to be built in Swansea, with enabling works due to start this year
• Creation of two new retail villages in Grantham – as two rival developers go head to head to create designer outlets
• Plans for an impressive £1.2bn peninsula village in Portsmouth – with a car-free area with homes and office space planned
• Devolution on the South Coast – with the Government focusing up North is it time for a devolved deal for the South Coast?
• £4bn transformation of the former Fawley Power Station site, with a new village including 1,5000 homes and more planned
• The first of the Government’s new hospitals – a £650m project set to be developed in Leeds City Centre.

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January–March 2020

In this magazine we hear about:

  • Cambridge United FC’s brand new stadium launched exclusively at our event
  • A £1bn Garden Village being developed by Buckland Development with the tender process due to open shortly
  • Details on London Stansted Airport’s £600m expansion plans which are “crucial” to the wider UK economy
  • How Police and Crime Commissioners are devolving certain powers to focus their efforts on their estate and property strategy
  • The huge new communities emerging at Wembley Park and Brent Cross which are changing the face of the London borough’s
  • How the Government should focus efforts on “releasing greenbelt land around transport hubs” which have strong connectivity
  • The population boost expected in Essex which is leading to a new 43,000 home project totalling £3.5bn in development
  • How a massive rental boom in Nottinghamshire is leading to £2bn of investment as the PRS market outperforms the UK
  • Quintain Ireland’s newly set-up subsidiary are developing 9,000 homes and they’re seeking for development partners
  • CWC Group’s 600-acre plot in Nottingham which will be transformed into a £800m community
  • The £4bn joint venture between the University of Oxford and Legal & General – a game-changer for their estate
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June-August 2019

In this magazine we hear about:

  • Regional hubs which are proposed across the Midlands by the University of Lincoln
  • How fresh ideas are needed within higher education estate programmes to rationalise property
  • The ‘grown-up conversation’ needed on the future on Cambridgeshire’s greenbelt as it continues to grow
  • How infrastructure including HS2 were crucial in helping Birmingham land the Commonwealth Games in 2022
  • An expected boon for domestic property investors due to the uncertainty of Brexit
  • How a quicker planning process is needed to aid the growth of UK ports
  • The regeneration of a long derelict site in Nottingham city centre
  • Struggles of social housing in the Thames Estuary as one council’s temporary homes use outstrips the entire north
  • Vision for a new rail line in Havering to unlock economic growth
  • Talks on a joint-venture between a major housing developer and a local authority to deliver modular homes
  • England’s first University in a decade – set to be built in Herefordshire
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March-May 2019

In this magazine we hear about:

  • The urgent need to rapidly scale up the development and delivery of new homes in Birmingham
  • A Council in the North East who’re looking to review the greenbelt with the need to develop
  • Regeneration expert Roger Madelin’s views on how planning has ‘never been more difficult’ in London
  • How Scottish Government are devising plans to boost regional connectivity and local economies
  • Intel into how developers and authorities must start planning for tomorrow’s technology
  • How failing department stores on the high street could be repurposed into retirement homes
  • Ambitious council led project in Southend which will be 1,600 new residential homes to the centre
  • How new funding has been unlocked to bring forward the 415-acre iSec Thames Enterprise Park
  • A mooted high speed inter varsity rail tunnel between Oxford and Cambridge
  • Lower costs in Sheffield City Region which is spurring inward investment and development
  • How York Central Partnership are looking to work with SME firms on major 45-ha brownfield site
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September-October 2019

In this magazine we hear about:

  • How a new train station and further infrastructure is set to unlock a major £6.5bn masterplan at Doncaster Sheffield Airport
  • Further details on the £240m Brighton Marina project which is set to take a further step forward
  • The University of Hertfordshire’s plans to develop their own PRS homes for staff and postgraduates
  • Over-station developments as Network Rail look for development partners to commercialise their estate
  • A call for new towns to be developed in London to drive economic growth
  • How Universities are shifting their focus from estate development to attracting investment
  • 43,000 new homes planned for the East of England over three new villages
  • The need for further universities across the Oxford Cambridge Arc Corridor
  • Everton’s £500m new stadium as images are released of the scheme
  • The new regional design blueprint being drawn up for combined authority schemes
  • A £450m urban extension in Nottinghamshire which will create thousands of homes and a new community
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