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Built Environment Networking want to promote adopting a charitable mindset in the workplace and giving back to the community, industry and other worthy causes wherever possible. Even small businesses can make a big difference to local charities by getting everyone involved as a team!

Below are some of the ways we’re planning to contribute to charities over 2022:

Charity Partner – LandAid

LandAid are our official Charity Partner – a property industry charity who works to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK.

We do numerous things with and for our partner – including a Three Peaks Challenge (which raised over £10,000!), our Chief Executive Officer has taken part in the charity’s ‘SleepOut’ campaign and we’re also working with them on UKREiiF, which is the flagship Built Environment Networking event. Here they’ll be hosting a charity raffle at our Awards Ceremony, amongst lots of other things.

Give Back Days

Everyone at Built Environment Networking has one day a year to have as a ‘Give Back Day’.

This allows them to utilise one working day to instead give back to the local community. Examples so far have included helping out at charity warehouses and carrying out groundwork at local care homes too.

With over 40 staff at the business, that gives us over 40-days of charitable work per year!


In addition to the give back days, we also encourage our team members to volunteer. We intend to promote this strongly on social media in 2022 to inspire individuals to do the same.

We’re hoping that the exposure of different charitable efforts via our platforms will not only offer free advertisement to these charities, but will also show people all the different ways they could join in too! As a business we have a wider reach and we want to use this to help.

These include volunteering for Building Equality, Angels of Freedom, Shelter and more.

Mission Christmas

This is usually the final charitable initiative of the year, and we’ve been doing this for some years now.

It’s a national campaign for disadvantaged children specifically around Christmas time. As a team we gather and deliver several bags full of Christmas presents to this charity, who then ship it off to children they know it would mean the world to.

It’s a great cause and so easy to take part in, so we post this all over our social media too in the hopes of others getting involved.