CITB – Construction Training Partner

CITB have been announced as our Construction Training Partner and we’re delighted to be shining the spotlight on the work they’re doing to drive skills and quality to the workforce.

Their vision for the British construction industry is to have a recognised, world-class and innovative approach to developing its workforce, which in turn will deliver a high quality built environment. CITB are devoted in building competitive advantage for the construction industry and the people who work in it. They’re looking to make a different through:

  • Individuals – helping build careers, futures, better skills, fulfilment, and offering second chances.
  • Companies – having the right skills, meeting new challenges and changes, increasing productivity, enabling growth.
  • Clients – ensuring consistent standards, improving experience, delivering high quality, greater safety.

CITB’s vision should deliver economic growth to the UK as a whole, whilst helping businesses compete on a global scale. This enhances the quality and delivery to the built environment and will in turn create a better, safer and more inspiring built environment for all.