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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Our industry has a bad reputation for inequality and prejudice. Whether that be surrounding gender, sexuality and beyond. Thankfully most contemporary businesses are aware of, and on board with, the idea of change. Which is great…. But not many have sat down and considered how it can actually be achieved! So we’re hoping to lead the way.

Here are some of our formalised contributions within the EDI space:

Industry Partnerships

We work with many different organisations such as Black Professionals in Construction, Building Equality, Freehold, Women in Property, Diversity Talks Real Estate, the Mayor’s Fund for London and many more.

These partnerships can take many forms. But we’re always looking at ways to utilise both our digital and physical platforms to further enhance work being done within the EDI space.

Contact if you want to work with us or find out more.

Free To Attend EDI Events

Every six months we are hosting an event focused solely on improving and promoting equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing within the construction and property industry.

So far over 5,000 delegates have attended these events, which are completely free, with speakers sharing their expertise, best practice and knowledge in the sector – aiding others and creating true allies.

Diversity Charter

Alongside EDI consultancy Constructing Rainbows, we have created what is an events industry leading Diversity Charter. This charter is both implemented and championed by all at Built Environment Networking!

This Charter sets out our ambitious aims in terms of diversity across both our speakers and audience – which enables us to not only utilise our platform on stage, but also spark new partnerships and relationships to achieve those aims.

EDI Manager

Not only do we encourage and promote EDI within the workplace, ensuring it’s a value the team live day in and day out. We’re also showing this through our recruitment of an EDI Manager.

We’re the only events business working within our industry that has a dedicated resource to EDI. How can we better utilise our platform? How can we attract unrepresented groups to come on-stage or attend? How do we create more inclusive events?

These questions and many more are at the forefront of our EDI Manager’s mind as we work with individuals and businesses to evolve the industry.

Ticket Partnerships

We strike partnerships with many organisations, education institutions, charities etc – and some of these form the shape of ticket partnerships.

Whether it be for the CPD Accredited training and education we provide, or for the opportunities people can create from the relationships forged at our events, we know our platform has a huge value!

Therefore we create partnerships with charities, universities, associations etc – to encourage more diverse attendance, create opportunities for SME’s or graduates from disadvantages backgrounds and much more.

Inspiring Younger Generations and Kickstarter Scheme

We are very conscious of the current skills gap within our industry and want to promote inclusivity within our section for younger people, thus protecting the future of the sector. One way we do this personally is by hiring new members of staff into the business via the Government’s kickstarter scheme. From which, we’ve already employed 8 people who have all gone on to full-time work and employment with us.

In addition we work with the local jobs centre, we have a direct connection to the local University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University who have passed graduates our way post-education, and we have hosted several free-to-attend recruitment fairs where 50-employers recruiting for over 6,000 jobs were connected – all free. Because we know we have the contacts, and the platform, we want to ensure we use those positively.