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The Challenges of Delivering Major Infrastructure Projects; Sponsored by Archaeological Research Services

Monday, 29th March 2021 1345hrs – 1530hrs

As part of the post Covid 19 recovery the UK Government has a renewed commitment towards investing in UK infrastructure and in particular some significant transport schemes.

This webinar will feature a number of the UK’s most influential infrastructure organisations who will share with the audience the rationale behind some of these schemes and also discuss some of the challenges that they faced in planning and delivering the schemes. The multi-disciplined complexity of major infrastructure schemes is inherent within the environmental effects of these schemes and the way in which they can be assessed, evaluated and mitigated, including how this is woven into the programme of the scheme, using innovation and technical collaboration. HS2, Highways England and Network Rail have been at the forefront of this innovation and technical collaboration between engineering and environmental procedures, with consideration of Government policy and guidance for environmental protection, conservation and mitigation.

Speakers will include Highways England, Network Rail and HS2.

  • Where do you begin to mobilise a project of this complexity?
  • How do you assess the risks and mitigate them?
  • How do you assess and evaluate the heritage and environmental challenges and act accordingly?
  • Planning ahead; avoiding delays and unnecessary costs when working through some of the challenges?
  • Collaboration; ensuring that multiple stakeholders are engaged and co-ordinated is tough; how can this best be achieved?
  • Early engagement and procurement; how can this work to everyone’s advantage?
  • Future schemes and what have we learned?

The event is sponsored by Archaeological Research Services Ltd who will berepresented on the panel and who will add their technical and strategic expertise to the conversation regarding approaches to mapping and dealing with historic environment considerations during the early stages of major schemes.

Speakers for this event include:

Tony Hanna,
Head of Heritage Consultancy
Ruth Voigt,
Environment and Sustainability Functional Lead
Chris Griffin,
Deputy Project Director
  • Archaeological Research Services – ARS Ltd are more than archaeologists, they are also experienced business people who seek to add value to our clients’ projects. They are committed to sustainable development and maintaining high environmental standards. Tony will join the panel to add Archaeological Research Services’ technical and strategic expertise to the conversation regarding approaches to mapping and dealing with historic environment considerations during the early stages of major schemes.
  • The East West Rail Alliance – The East West Rail Alliance was established in 2015 to deliver East West Rail Phase 2 (EWR2), connecting communities and businesses between Bicester and Bedford, and Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, providing passengers with much improved cross-country rail links – helping to create jobs, boost economic growth, encourage people out of their cars and onto public transport and enable sustainable housing development for generations to come. Ruth will talk about challenges faced in planning and delivering this scheme and how they are overcoming them with consideration for environmental protection, conservation and mitigation.
  • Highways England – Chris is playing a major role in a project portfolio worth £8bn: the A14 upgrade (which is now open had of time and budget), A303 Stonehenge tunnel and the Lower Thames Crossing. The A14 upgrade is worth £1.5bn, the A303 £1.6bn and the Lower Thames Crossing a whopping £4bn to £6bn. Chris will talk about challenges faced by Highways England in planning and delivering these schemes and how they have overcome them with their innovative and technical partners with consideration for environmental protection, conservation and mitigation.

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Monday, 29th March 2021

1345hrs – 1530hrs


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