The UK’s ‘first city-based wellbeing resort’, a £250 million water park boasting thermal bathing and botanical gardens is set to launch in the city’s Trafford Centre. 

The park, called Therme Manchester, will be the size of 19 football pitches (around 28 acres), and will feature an ‘immersive experience’, with ‘digital art, an on-site urban farm and botanical gardens.’ 

The website reads: “With unique design features, including an all-season urban beach and the world’s first living waterslides, Therme Manchester will be a landmark development for the city and is set to become an iconic symbol of the North-West of England.”

Construction is scheduled to begin next year, with plans in place for 25 pools, 35 waterslides, 30 saunas and steam rooms, 1,500 biodiverse trees, an all-season indoor beach, urban farm with beehives and a dedicated tram line.

Richard Land, Chief Development Officer of Therme Group UK said  “We are delighted to have reached this critical stage with Peel L&P, which marks the beginning of on-site works for Therme Manchester”.