Shell, the oil giant, is planning to demolish its office complex located in Aberdeen’s Tullos industrial estate. The extensive campus, which includes a range of buildings constructed between 1973 and 1992, is now vacant following Shell’s move to the city centre. The buildings, deemed unsuitable for sustainable reuse due to their age, construction, and floor plates, are set to be cleared.

After the demolition, the site will be a brownfield opportunity, ripe for redevelopment and in line with the surrounding commercial and industrial environment. The buildings are currently vacant and have been stripped of furnishings, with limited welfare facilities remaining.

The demolition process will be carried out by a mechanical excavator, starting from the top and working downwards. The crushed material from the demolition will be used to backfill basements and voids to ground level. Shell estimates that over 90% of the materials on-site can be reused and recycled.

While Shell is exploring alternative future uses for the site, there are currently no proposals for post-demolition. This leaves the door wide open for developers to step in with innovative and sustainable redevelopment plans for this prime industrial estate.