In various parts of England, including Surrey, Somerset, and West London, plans are underway to develop former greenbelt lands into housing communities. These developments aim to address the growing demand for housing in the country.

Surrey’s New Town

A significant 284-acre stretch of former greenbelt land in Surrey is being transformed into a ‘new town’ with thousands of new homes. Guildford Council has greenlit the development, which will include 1730 new homes, 40% of which will be classified as affordable housing.

Somerset’s South Stoke Plateau

In the small Somerset community of Southstoke, plans are in motion for the construction of 300 new houses on the South Stoke Plateau, a Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The area has been lined-up for development for over 20 years, and the new plans could lead to significant changes in the landscape.

Kensal Rise, West London

In West London, a £1.7 billion development is planned to transform a stretch of wasteland near a conservation area into a 3,500-house community. Named Project Flourish, the development will be built over ten years and will include at least 500 affordable homes.

Southstoke, Somerset

The village of Southstoke in Somerset is also facing a major housing development in the heart of the countryside. The Hignett Family Trust has submitted plans to build 300 more houses as part of the Sulis Down project, adding to the 171 homes already being constructed.