Bradford Estates

Bradford Estates has confirmed that they’ll include a “full range of sustainable transport options” as they continue with plans to create a net zero carbon community titled J3.

They’re looking to develop on land adjacent to the M54 – close to Tong and Shifnal – where they own and manage 12,000 acres of land. The plans for the site include 3,000 sustainably developed homes and 50-hectares of employment/business space which could create 8,000 jobs. 10 minutes of cycle and walking routes, 520 acres of land including country and woodland parks and outdoor sport facilities are also included in the plans.

Responding to a new report by Transport for New Homes which queried the green credentials of garden communities Managing Director Alexander Newport said it highlighted issues which could happen if a project is badly planned – but J3 will be “well planned, well designed and well delivered” and they’re working alongside world leading consultancy WSP to analyse the project and ensure the scheme achieves the goal of net zero carbon status.

Alexander, who is speaking on our upcoming Building Zero Carbon Britain Conference, added: “This is not just about delivering jobs and homes together in the same place – it’s about building places that people are happy to call call. Within J3 we are clear it should include a full range of sustainable transport options from the outset that support economic prosperity and the wellbeing of residents, such as public transport, walking and cycling.”

“These will not only serve J3 but will also benefit the wider local area too. We at Bradford Estates will have long-term management of the scheme and are fully committed to making this happen. Indeed, the council can ensure that these commitments are fully honoured by imposing binding planning controls on the scheme.”

“To achieve this requires a strong infrastructure, such as providing said schools, employment opportunities, doctor’s surgeries and retail, all of which we have accounted for in our development. The J3 site is an ideal area for this kind of development because it can provide the needed infrastructure, and much of which will be delivered in the first phase. There will be the creation of strategic bus routes and the proximity to transport links such as Cosford Railway Station, a little more than one mile away, to provide a convenient environmentally friendly option for anyone who does need to travel outside of the area.”

“We are also prepared to invest some £40 million to achieve this through solar photovoltaic panels to power buildings and homes, as well as battery charging points that facilitate the inevitable universal adoption of electric cars, buses and other green vehicles. J3 will truly be a remarkable modern community to live and work in, which will be an example to areas up and down the country.”

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