Steve Davis Grantside

Property development firm Grantside has announced they’re re-launching in 2021 – whilst also revealing projects in the city’s of York and Sheffield.

With past projects totalling more than £750m they’re known for their work in a multitude of sectors including commercial, industrial and housing. Their relaunch comes as Grantside looks to re-position itself to focus on placemaking and communities, with a major focus on creating sustainable net zero projects.

Steve Davis, Founder and CEO of Grantside and speaker at the upcoming Sheffield City Region Development Conference, said: ” After a brief hiatus and period of reflection, I’m relaunching Grantside with an emphasis on creating spaces and places for people to live, work and thrive. My personal journey has shown me just how fragile the world is and how important it is to develop in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. For me, financial rewards take a back seat and I’m investing in this country’s future for generations to come.”

David added: “I’m hugely excited to be embarking on this new period in the Grantside story and being at the forefront of a step change in the development sector, as we all look to create spaces and places which will look after our planet while meeting the needs of a diverse and growing population.”

Grantside has confirmed their intent to bring forward commercial and residential sites in Sheffield, where they have two sites, and York where they have one – and they’re actively looking to engage on other regeneration opportunities across the UK.

Register to meet Steve at Sheffield event to hear about their schemes in the city: