Grantside Sheffield

Grantside – the recently relaunched development firm – has announced details on the two sites they have purchased in Sheffield.

The firm, who’re speaking at the Sheffield City Region Development Conference, are planning to develop:

  • A site on Norfolk Street in the city centre – where Grade A office space is planned. The carbon-neutral offices will include large windows and roof terraces with views of nearby listed buildings and the Peace Gardens.
  • Another site at Bowling Green Street in Kelham Island – including co-living and working space with small commercial areas set to be developed alongside shared facilities, open courtyards and private apartments.

The firm relaunched with an announcement that future projects will focus heavily on sustainability and placemaking – which feature within the new development plans.

Steve Davis, Chief Executive at Grantside and speaker at the Sheffield City Region Development Conference, said: “Both these sites can help Sheffield continue its progress as a forward thinking and ambitious city and will include features to ensure they are successful in the post-Covid world. There is still a place for modern offices to encourage collaborative and creative working from businesses and our Bowling Green Street project will offer a new concept in living and working, which we feel there is an appetite for in a modern, ambitious city such as Sheffield.”