Middlesbrough is opening its doors to developers interested in contributing to the town’s central redevelopment. The Middlesbrough Mayoral Development Corporation has released its Masterplan, which includes the Draft Design Code, a document that outlines the types of projects that will be supported in the region.

The Masterplan has set objectives to create 4,000 jobs, build 1,500 urban homes, and introduce cleaner public spaces. Developers are now being invited to review the Draft Design Code to understand the town’s vision and the potential projects that align with it.

Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, stated, “We’re providing a clear framework for developers interested in Middlesbrough’s growth. The Draft Design Code offers insights into the types of projects we’re looking to support.”

Middlesbrough Mayor and MDC Board Member, Chris Cooke, added, “It’s essential to have the right kind of development for sustainable transformation.”