The Defence Infrastructure Organisation is moving forward with plans to develop 135 new homes on a site currently utilised by the MOD.

The site, at Sutton Coldfield, comes after permission was given last year for a new 3-storey office building at Whittington Barracks which will become the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s new HQ. They’ll vacate their current site in Sutton Coldfield by Spring 2021 – which will enable them to bring forward these new plans.

The DIO – who’re speaking on our Government Property Development Conference – are looking to dispose of underutilised land to save money, generate revenue and help meet the Government’s housing targets.

The plans will now head over to Birmingham City Council who’re likely to make a decision on the plans within the next few months.

A statement submitted to the authority on behalf of the applicant said: “The proposals will complete the redevelopment of the former St George‚Äôs Barracks and will make effective use of a site that will become vacant when the DIO relocates to DMS Whittington as part of its wider estate rationalisation strategy. The proposals will make a valuable and appropriate contribution towards meeting the significant need for new housing in Birmingham

“The development would not result in any significant adverse impacts on the surrounding environment or biodiversity. It can accommodate a combination of appropriate and safe access points, including improved pedestrian links. The development will also not increase the risk of flooding, or be at risk of flooding itself. It has been demonstrated that any technical, environmental or amenity related impacts from the proposed development during the construction and operational phases can be effectively mitigated.”