scottish land commission paper

The Scottish Land Commission – the organisation driving a programme of land reform spanning both urban and rural land – has published a new paper requesting fundamental changes to land for housing and development model.

According to the organisation the current private development model wont help to achieve the target of new homes that has been set, and neither will it help build more affordable homes. Therefore the whole system requires a “fundamental reform.”

The organisation – who’re speaking on our Solving the Housing Crisis in Scotland Webinar – has published ‘Land Focus’, a paper which includes a series of reports about land for housing which could be better utilised to benefit everyone across the country. It highlights the pivotal role in delivering new homes and better communities, with a focus on the relationship between land prices and house prices, land banking and speculative housebuilding.

During our webinar they’ll be sharing an overview of the report – highlighting the key elements, and probing where the industry can help drive this change.

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