SLG Strategic Land Group Kirton-in-Lindsey

Strategic Land Group (SLG) has submitted an outline planning application to transform a 10.4-acre site into new homes.

The land, situated in Kirton-in-Lindsey in North Lincolnshire, could house around 80 new homes in a variety of types, as well as open green space land.

SLG – who’re speaking on our Planning & Placemaking Webinar – are also looking at land to the rear of the site that could be utilised for community use, with other homes and residencies nearby which could use the facilities.

Paul Smith, Managing Director of SLG and speaker on our Planning & Placemaking Webinar, said: “North Lincolnshire, like many councils, is struggling to demonstrate a five-year supply of land for new homes – there is an urgent need to increase the supply of new homes across the country, and North Lincolnshire is no exception. The site off Ings Road is a sensible location for much-needed new homes, close to local services and isn’t prone to flooding or other risks. It’s important to ensure that communities like Kirton in Lindsey have enough homes to support established need. Along with affordable homes, the proposed scheme also opens-up a sizeable amount of green space for residents.”

SLG are experts in planning – working with land owners to secure planning permission to maximise the value of the land.