Walsall Housing Group Project Garages

Walsall Housing Group has received the green light for a regeneration scheme in the town.

The firm had put forward proposals to demolish garages and develop 10 affordable two bed properties, and Walsall Council’s planning committee have given approval for the project to go ahead – praising the scheme as it plays a key role. The homes will be developing utilising offsite and modern methods of construction.

Walsall Housing Group – who’re speaking on our upcoming Regeneration in the Midlands Webinar are strategically aiming to develop former garages into residential units across the region.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “The proposals look to bring under-utilised sites back into effective use. They’re part of several vacant sites currently being considered by Walsall Housing Group to provide affordable housing to the local area with proposals offering 100% affordable housing. They aim to have a positive impact on the surrounding area.”

Walsall Mayor and planning committee member Paul Bott said: “I want to congratulate whg on taking these derelict sites that are fly-tipped, vandalised and bringing land back into housing that is desperately needed in this borough. Whg have taken the initiative and are getting rid of these sites and building houses that people want.”