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This conference will focus on frameworks and routes of procurement – discussing new frameworks, frameworks up for renewal and best practice as well as their role in the government’s ‘build back better’ and ‘levelling up’ initiatives.

At this conference, a range of framework providers and clients from across the UK will unveil future tranches of work that can be won and talk about how delegates stand the best chance in getting onto their frameworks – from new frameworks to those coming up for renewal.

The audience will be rich with public and private sector property and construction specialists meaning that aside from the vital information imparted from the stage, you may end up meeting a key contact who can point you in the direction of future projects.

You will walk away with exclusive insight into future frameworks and those set to be renewed into the next 18 months, whilst discovering key challenges and best practice within the industry.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • PFH’s £600 million MMC Framework
  • Central Bedfordshire’s £500m building framework
  • Building Better’s MMC Framework for 5,300 homes
  • Intel on CCS’s mega £30bn construction framework
  • £1bn worth of MoD airfield projects
  • Info on major government construction projects over £80m
  • Intel of future HS2 procurement opportunities
  • Oxford City Housing’s 2245 low carbon homes plans
  • Intel on NHS ProCure 23 Framework
  • £9 billion NHS Construction Framework
  • Intel on TFL’s Sustainable Development Framework
  • TFL’s multi-billion London development plans
  • SEC’s £7bn zero carbon frameworks
  • £4.2bn Places of People major project framework
  • £1bn sustainable Oxford City Housing Framework
  • Intel on pan- Government £10bn Offsite Framework
  • And much more…

Speakers include: