Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Co-Living Major Developers & Future Projects

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This webinar will focus on the development activity in the ever growing co-living sector, whilst also addressing some of the key issues and challenges which we as an industry face in the coming months. Speakers will be invited to share details on their current development programme and future pipelines as well as providing advice and opinion on what the industry needs to do to survive the current crisis, what is requires in the short term and how we will manage the increased demand and activity once the UK recovers.

Speakers for this event include:

  • TOWN – with five major urban extension development projects in the pipeline, TOWN are at the forefront of the multi-generational living sector. With each of their projects centred around co-living, Mike is overseeing the planning process for these new communities; schemes that total hundreds of millions of pounds. As a new ‘trend’ in the property sector, delegates will hear how this niché market could soon become mainstream.
  • The Kohab – is a new intergenerational co-living venture bringing older and younger adults together to live side-by-side in mutual support.  Our unique model allows our younger ambassadors to live at affordable rents in return for spending time supporting their older neighbours and assisting around our schemes.  We are an answer to the age segregation that is increasingly occurring in cities and a solution to the loneliness epidemic faced by both young and old adults today.
  • Swansea Co-Housing – part of a group of 7 pioneers who share a vision for multi-generational living in Wales, Leonie is at the forefront of placemaking, developing inclusive communities on a co-operative model. As a grass roots activist, Leonie will share her experience of creating these communities and talk about public and private sector collaboration.