Nuclear – Sector Research Report


This Research Report concentrates on the future of nuclear energy and the nuclear sector within the UK.


Through purchasing this report you’ll:


  • Understand the current Government policy on nuclear development
  • Find out where your next commission will come from - find new business opportunities
  • Discover the potential development sites across the UK
  • Learn about the minimum 30% spend (worth around £30bn) with SME companies mandated by various Government agencies for de-commissioning and new developments
  • Find out how to engage with procurement services and ensure compliance
  • See new business opportunities across the UK
  • Uncover the key contacts and organisations within the industry
  • How there is a need for new technology and how it’s being adopted
  • The market trends and analysis into political, economic and technology factors


The report answers questions such as:


  • The scope and timescale for cleaning up the UK’s de-commissioned nuclear estate?
  • Which organisations manage the process and what opportunities are available?
  • What is the scope for nuclear in the future and what is required for Government policy?
  • What are the funding mechanisms and key companies active in the sector?
  • Why will nuclear need to be a future component of electricity provision?