Full Online Conference Video & Presentations: Electrical Power Infrastructure and Capital Investment Plans Conference

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This conference will focus on the huge investment being put into the sector, the work opportunities this creates, the economic impact and the future for the sector.

With the UK energy sector caught up in the crossfire of needing to generate more electrical power than ever before and the UK’s zero carbon agenda, this conference will explore the levels of investment forthcoming to build new power stations and electricity generation options.

The British government has pledged £42 billion to bolster supply and improve energy security. It is estimated the development of more electrical energy sources will grow the UK economy by £20bn and create 20,000 new jobs. Built Environment Networking is bringing together industry experts and developers to share their future plans with our audience.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • National Grid’s £10bn investment in next 10 years
  • How move to green energy is affecting the sector

Speakers for this event include: