Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Building Zero Carbon Britain

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Some of the key outputs and learnings from this event include:

  • The All Parliamentary groups views on why Government needs to do more
  • Birmingham City Council – Zero carbon by 2030 – they’re well on the way – Maria shares their journey plans
  • Embedded carbon V lifecycle costing – the challenges
  • HFD showcase their Glasgow project as an exemplar of sustainable buildings and how low carbon operations can be achieved

Event Information:

This online event is the latest in our successful series of Building Zero Carbon Britain events which focus on how we as an industry can help tackle the climate emergency and build a better, more sustainable United Kingdom.

We’ll be bringing together leaders from across government and the public sector as well as the property and construction sectors to discuss, debate and share the work and ideas they’re all undertaking to decrease their carbon emissions to ensure the property and construction industry helps to tackle climate change.

From major large scale regeneration projects to the future of development policy – we’ll be looking at the future plans and how sustainability and environmental concern will be at the heart of these plans, and how that will filter down to the supply chain and delivery partners.

Speakers for this event include:

  • All-Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change – as Vice Chair of the All Parliamentary Group on Climate Change, it’s clear Alex is a passionate champion of tackling climate change and all things zero carbon. Locally the MP for North West Leeds has achieved funding of £29 million to implement a Clean Air Charging Zone in the city by relentlessly lobbying government ministers. Alex will give thought leadership on what the built environment sector can do to help build a cleaner and more sustainable future and what government can do to aid it.
  • Birmingham City Council – have ambitious plans to become carbon neutral by 2030. With the council’s latest transport plan due to be adopted in 2020 the next few years will be critical for the city to get on course to meet this target. Maria’s current role includes leading planning policy, economic policy, sustainability policy and transport policy for Birmingham and she will be giving more intel on the council’s plans in these areas over the coming years.
  • HFD Property Group – HFD Property’s flagship development, the 177 Bothwell Street Development in Glasgow, is set to be fully electric with zero carbon emissions ahead of its delivery in autumn 2021 with the lessons learned during COVID 19 ensuring the 313,000 sq ft commercial office will be as safe as possible for those who occupy it. Stephen will discuss HFD Property’s zero carbon strategy and give intel on their future zero carbon developments.