Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Key Worker Housing: Developing Better Homes for Heroes

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The past 12 months have brought the importance of key workers sharply into focus. Despite this they are often among the lowest paid in society, and suffer from a lack of suitable housing.

A huge effort is being made to rectify this, with a flurry of development projects being announced across the nation, including the G15 Group’s 100,000 strong “homes for heroes” programme.

We will gather some of the leadership behind this work to discuss how it is being brought forward, and why it is vital our essential workers are properly provided for.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Network Homes – Reuben is co-author of the G15 Group’s report Homes for Heroes, advocating a multi-tenure homebuilding programme specifically for keyworkers to run alongside the Affordable Homes Programme. The report calls for a national programme to develop 100,000 low-cost homes over the next five years, prioritised for those who have put themselves at risk to keep us alive and healthy throughout this crisis. Reuben will discuss how housing associations and the public and private sectors can work alongside government to bring forward this ambitious programme and the significant opportunities it will enable.
  • Cheyne Capital – Cheyne Capital recently announced a deal with Mulberry to fund a £32 million project which will see the construction of 144 apartments in Manchester’s New Cross neighbourhood, more than a third of which will be allocated to local key workers. Cheyne Capital is a major investment fund manager which last year launched a social impact real estate fund with an initial investment of £150 million which could rise to an overall capacity of £1 billion and see the development of several thousand homes providing a mixture of key worker and affordable housing, supported living facilities and care provision. Arron will discuss Cheyne Capital’s efforts to address the problem of key workers being priced out of the central housing market as our cities expand.
  • Dolphin Living – The reliance on keyworkers that has been highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought their health and wellbeing into public focus. It is important to note that many of these people are within or below the median earnings bracket and they aren’t able to work from home. The cost and time of a commute is therefore highly relevant to them, as well as the cost of housing and the stability; a 3-5 year lease (instead of the usual 12 months) allows them to concentrate on their jobs of keeping us all safe. Olivia joins this event to talk about Dolphin Living’s forthcoming projects to deliver high quality homes for those on Britain’s front line.
  • The Royal College of Nursing – Mark Farmer is Operational Manager of RCN London region. Mark is a dual-qualified Children’s and Adult Nurse and he has worked across several frontline nursing roles within neo-natal care and paediatric care. Within the RCN he has held many regional and national policy roles before heading up RCN’s London’s operational and member representation functions. Mark co-authored RCN London’s Living in the Red report published early this year which highlighted how the rising cost of living and working in London was forcing nursing staff to leave the city. Mark is currently Chair of the London Health Unions group.