Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Solving the Housing Crisis in Wales Sponsored by EDAROTH

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This webinar will focus on the much needed development of housing in Wales.

The issue of how to accelerate the delivery of all types of housing and residential properties in Wales to meet the ever growing need has been at the forefront of the housing sector for years.

During this webinar we look to tackle some of the constraints – discussing and debating with experts and housing developers on what needs to happen, how we can accelerate development, how MMC might play it’s part, what the planning reform may mean and more…

Speakers for this event include:

  • Wales & West Housing – One of Wales’ largest housing associations, Wales & West Housing provide more than 12,000 high quality, affordable homes across the country. Joanna will talk about their ambitious housebuilding programme, with plans to develop 500 affordable new homes a year for the next five years.
  • EDAROTH – A subsidiary business of Atkins – a member of the SNC Lavalin Group, the firm provides end-to-end development solutions with focus on delivering social and affordable housing at the point of need. This approach prioritises brownfield and under-utilised land within existing communities which are often considered too difficult or expensive to develop, and sees the landowner typically retain the land, assets and ongoing rentland income. EDAROTH brings together design and engineering expertise, the latest off-site manufacturing techniques and construction partnerships to deliver new houses at speed, volume and at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional new builds.
  • Isle of Anglesey County Council – Ned is leading a team that are gearing up to major housing growth off the back of a number of infrastructure projects nearing completion which will unlock pockets of land. Keen to attract more built environment sector eyes to the region, he will unveil the council’s housebuilding strategy and contribute his thoughts on the best way’s to create inclusive and safe communities.
  • Monmouthshire County Council – Mark will speak about housing delivery in Wales, the potential implications of COVID19 on delivery of LDPs and therefore housing due to delays and drop dead date legislation and the absence of TAN1, and possible changes to housing.
  • Adra – Ffrancon is in charge of North Wales largest housing association who have recently completed £155m worth of refinancing in order to drive on with their ambitious development programme. Passionate about creating inclusive communities and building high quality homes, he will give delegates an understanding of what the refinancing means in regards to future pipeline but also in relation to the quality of life for their residents.