Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Solving the Housing Crisis in Yorkshire

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This webinar will look at how we accelerate housing delivery and achieve housing targets in Yorkshire.

The issue of how to accelerate the delivery of all types of housing and residential properties in Yorkshire to meet the ever growing need has been at the forefront of the housing sector for years. With the Yorkshire being one of the most populous regions in the UK and with its population set to grow exponentially over the coming decades, the need for more housing has never been more urgent.

During this webinar we’ll be joined by both the public and private sectors to hear how they’ll be playing a role – as they share short presentations on their future plans and how they’ll do their bit, whilst also discussing the wider industry and reforms which may be needed to the planning system, the use of MMC and more.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Wakefield Council – the Council released their district housing plan in 2019 and aims to build on the success of the previous 5 year period where they delivered 25% more homes than the target set for them by government and 11% higher than the national average. This demonstrates that the borough is extremely proactive in housebuilding and Clare will talk about how the authority aims to stay ahead of the curve in development targets over the coming three years.
  • Conroy Brook – are one of the region’s most respected SME housebuilders with a reputation for high quality thoughtful development. They have upcoming projects across Yorkshire including at the site of a former reservoir in Doncaster and a in the centre of Rotherham. Richard will discuss their upcoming projects as they look for further sites to develop in the county.
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority – the West Yorkshire devolution deal will allow the combined authority to have more influence over housing development and has unlocked £1.8 billion of investment of which a significant amount will be spent on housing. Part of this funding will be used to develop the Strategic Housing Pipeline, a series of regionally significant housing sites. Judith will discuss this pipeline and the work the combined authority are doing to accelerate housing delivery across the region.