Full Webinar Presentations & Video: Future Development Plans in South Wales

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This webinar will focus on the development activity in South Wales, whilst also addressing some of the key issues and challenges which we as an industry face in the coming months. Speakers will be invited to share details on their current development programme and future pipelines as well as providing advice and opinion on what the industry needs to do to survive the current crisis, what is requires in the short term and how we will manage the increased demand and activity once the UK recovers.

Speakers for this event include:

  • RivingtonHark – have been working closely with Swansea Council on a major town centre regeneration scheme. Mark will update us on the scheme and discuss the benefits of a cohesive public and private partnership and how the scheme is set to have a massive effect on Swansea and the local economy. Mark will also talk about their current portfolio scheme and what the future looks like for RivingtonHark in the context of a post C19 recovery.
  • City & County of Swansea Council – the city has been one of the shining lights for development in recent years, but there is still a lot to do. They’ll be discussing their city centre schemes, city living, the wider region and their vision for the future.
  • Development Bank of Wales – since being set up by the Welsh Government in 2013 the bank has invested more than £100 million in 79 SME housebuilders, driving the construction of more than 1,200 new homes and 100,000 sq ft of commercial space, with more than £65 million being invested in the last three years alone. Cenydd will talk about the bank’s work to fund housing development through the expansion of housebuilders and developers.