Understanding The Impact of Low Carbon Retrofit in Residential Properties (2022)

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What does tackling climate change mean for you, your organisation, and your customers?

Teesside University and Thirteen Housing Group will share recent findings on the challenges of retrofitting residential properties, the consumer barriers, and possible ways of addressing barriers to adoption of new decarbonisation technologies

Housing associations, local councils and private landlords are facing numerous challenges in the journey to achieving net zero for residential properties. This one-hour webinar highlights research findings on how current retrofit properties are performing, what you need to do to decarbonise older residential properties, what the barriers are to achieving decarbonisation and how to overcome them, and how to successfully engage with customers whilst adapting your housing stock.

The shared findings show how the adoption of the low-carbon home requires social housing organisations to strengthen mechanisms for resident engagement early in the process and to provide a platform that will encourage energy citizenship through which residents link pro-environmental behaviours in the home to broader networks of social action on climate change.

Topics covered will detail:

  • a live urban retrofit project
  • an assessment of Tees Valley residents’ opinions and experiences of low carbon technologies and behaviours based on qualitative interviews
  • an assessment of Tees Valley and national residents’ opinions and experiences of low carbon technologies and behaviours based on online survey data
  • a sectoral analysis of skills training and economic opportunity.

Following the webinar, the full report ‘Towards the Tees Valley Energy Transition – Residential Decarbonisation and Skills Analysis’ will be distributed directly to attendees upon release.