Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Future Development Plans in Glasgow

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This webinar focused on the future development of Glasgow and the wider region, whilst addressing some of the key issues and challenges which we as an industry face in the coming months due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Speakers share details on their current and future development plans, providing advice, opinion and thought-leadership.

Speakers include:

  • Glasgow Airport – Ross will talk about where Glasgow Airport is up to with their development plans and how the airport is geared up for expansion once Glasgow, Scotland and the UK are back on their feet again after the summer. Ross will talk about their current projects and also their future plans.
  • Scottish Property Federation – In his role as Chair of the Scottish Property Federation, Robin has been working to support Scottish developers, investors, consultants and contractors during the early stages of the Covid 19 shutdown. He will provide an update on the SPF’s position on this, a view of the market focusing on Glasgow, his thoughts on what people can be doing to keep things moving and an opinion as to how quickly the market can recover after the summer months when we anticipate that things will change.
  • Scottish Development International – Jonathan heads up the team that supports the establishment of International Businesses in Scotland. He runs a team of project managers, funding specialists, capital investment and supports Scottish developers and investors helping to make the case for locating, investing and thriving in Scotland. He will provide an update on their activities and projects in Glasgow and a view on how the current situation is affecting inward investment.
  • CIOB – Eileen will provide an update on how the CIOB members in Scotland are dealing with the C19 restrictions and how they are working through it; looking ahead to more relaxed times and the inevitable ‘bounce back’. Eileen will relate her presentations to some of the CIOB’s members and clients in the Glasgow area.