Full Webinar Video & Presentations: London’s Housing & BtR Market

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Housing and in particular the Build to Rent (BtR) sector remains at the forefront of the focus of both the public and private sectors and this webinar will provide an update on activities within London. Expert speakers will provide their views on ‘how the land lies’ and will share their current and future development plans and allow for interaction with the audience on the market in the Capital and how their plans will impact the economy.

Speakers include:

  • Sigma Capital – the firm has over 5,000 new homes in their pipeline and a target of 20,000 more, and London is a key location for their future growth. Duncan will give details on which locations are likely to be a target for Sigma Capital in the years to come.
  • Round Hill Capital – a vertically integrated real estate firm, Round Hill Capital are a market leader in the accommodation development sector with a proven track record of successfully identifying and acquiring high quality accommodation real estate. With 14 offices globally, they are strategically focusing on the London market and hold a particular strength in residential, student housing and alternative forms of accommodation. A renowned expert on the PRS and BtR market, Peter is in a position to deliver a global perspective and comparison as part of this session.
  • Fortwell Capital – a major player in the UK real estate funding world, Fortwell Capital have funded over £1bn of development projects in the past few years, particularly in the housing sector. Arthur is one of the country’s foremost experts on everything to do with the world of resi development having helped to deliver everything from care homes to student accommodation to traditional PRS apartments across the UK.
  • Independent Housing Expert – Lia has played a key role in the ongoing £1bn regeneration of Havering’s 12 council estates in her previous role at Wates, but she’s moving on to new ventures and she’ll join this panel with a unbiased view of development across the capital. She’ll provide retrospective of her experience on major regeneration schemes, creating communities and expertise on the market and trends.
  • Dolphin Living – Olivia’s mantra is simple: provide homes for all working Londoners. With sites in eight London Boroughs and the ambition to grow further, Dolphin Living are a charity providing affordable rental homes to low income workers in London. She is a keen activist for affordable living and has a reputation for speaking the truth to power and will provide delegates with informed comment on trends, challenge and opportunities at the low-income end of the market.