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Sustainability & Net Zero Agenda

Our industry accounts for 40% of all global carbon emissions – whether that be through the planning and building phases, to longer-term emissions from poorly designed buildings. Because construction is responsible for 11% of that global 40%, we feel obliged to educate people on the opportunity we all have to make a positive difference (if we all do our bit!).

Below are some of the ways we intend to do this in 2022 and beyond:

ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Accreditation

We understand that events can take a heavy toll on resource, society and the environment. And that is why we’re committed to achieving ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Accreditation to ensure we challenge the norm.

This includes a focus on ensuring more responsible consumption, waste limitation and more. We are working externally with a consultant to achieve this accreditation, whilst also embedding a culture within the Built Environment Networking team and our partners (including venues and external businesses), to ensure this is achieved.

Tomorrow’s Net Zero & Sustainability Events

As the leading events business within our industry, it’s crucial that we are at the forefront of the discussions around the goal towards Net Zero and sustainability within this industry.

We have recently launched the Tomorrow’s Net Zero Conference – a two day event focused solely on bringing developers, clients, public sector, product suppliers, contractors and more together to share knowledge and best practice. But with a focus on action, rather than just talk!

We also run other events such as those focused on retrofitting too, which is a key theme within the UKREiiF agenda.

More Sustainable Travel

As an events business we travel frequently to different venues and locations across the UK – but we’re doing everything we can do to ensure we limit our impact on the environment.

This includes promoting car sharing amongst team members, and journeys via more sustainable methods – such as train, rather than car or plane.

We’ll also look to utilise venues back-to-back meaning our teams can stay overnight and run events for several days, rather than travelling back and forth to run events on different dates.

Hybrid Event option

We are leading the way in hybrid conferences in comparison to others in our industry.

We are utilising our online platform and hosting what previously were physical events online instead!

Our physical events are now all being run as ‘hybrid’. This means national events such as those focused on Healthcare Estates, University Estates, Blue Light Estates etc, which are national conversations, can be viewed and heard virtually. As well as still having the option to engage with speakers. We’ve also had numerous virtual speakers join us at physical events too! All of this will have a huge impact on the environment, which we’re delighted about.

Waste Management

We’re focused on ensuring the minimum amount of waste is sent to landfill, and that’s why we work with B&M Waste Services (a carbon neutral waste and recycling provider) for our own office waste, which is also being tracked to create transparency.

Since tracking begun 0% of our waste has been sent to landfill:

  • 87% – Recycled
  • 13% – RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)

We also work with our venues and supply chain to try and reduce waste through sustainability sourced, recyclable materials for our events too.

SME Climate Hub

To showcase our commitment to the net zero agenda we have made a pledge with the SME Climate Hub – joining other organisations in tackling climate change by beginning our journey to reduce emissions and make firm commitments as to when these will be done by.

This sees up make the promise that we will act – by halving our emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050 – and we will be transparent by reporting on our progress every year.

This pledge sees us enter the United Nation’s Race to Zero – where thousands of businesses and governments are globally looking to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.