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Unlocking Opportunities – The Risk of Planning Refusal; Sponsored by CLS Risk Solutions

Tuesday, 30th June 2020 1400hrs – 1500hrs

Over the coming months we’ll be hosting a series of webinars – helping to keep the industry moving and talking during a period of uncertainty, enabling people to talk and build relationships whilst helping to maintain industry confidence and demonstrating thought leadership.

This webinar will look into the challenges developers face when looking to unlock land for development – and how that can be overcome through great planning, innovative solutions and collaboration.

Bringing forward new developments is a difficult task – whether it we the difficulty of getting the right funding, the complex nature of the system, achieving value for schemes to be viable…and many more. In this webinar we’re joined by several experts who’re steeped in experience of bringing forward large-scale developments across the UK. They’ll share their knowledge, tips and experience which could prove incredibly valuable for those listening delegates.

This webinar will run as a thought-leadership discussion and debate – with opportunities for delegates to ask their questions.

Speakers for this event include:

Hugo Kirby,
Managing Director
Rachael Ainscough,
Group Managing Director
Phil Jarvis,
Underwriting Manager
David Morris,
Planning & Operations Director
  • Ptarmigan Land – the organisation is one of the UK’s leading land promotion companies and they have a particular interest in the South of England. Current schemes include a 4,000 home community in East Anglia and a 1,600 home project in Kent – and these are just a few of their many schemes in the pipeline. As Managing Director Hugo has a pulse on many areas of the industry and will be able to share his expertise.
  • Catesby Estates – the firm are recognised as one of the foremost experts in land promotion and infrastructure delivery. They currently have 44 sites they’re working to unlock for development, which are at numerous different stages. David will play a crucial role in bringing these plots to market and he’s in a great position to share his thought leadership and best practice.
  • CLS Risk Solutions – are an innovative insurance MGA in the UK & Europe. They are insurance veterans, unlocking real estate developments & transaction with the use of Data & Capacity Strength. Their tools increase the bankability of an asset and protect those known and unknown legal and planning risks at every stage of the property life cycle.
  • Ainscough Group – the group specialise in the acquisition, planning and promotion of land throughout the UK for sustainable development. They’re currently working on 15 sites totalling more than 1,100 acres – and they are looking to acquire more whilst they’ll discuss where they’re up to with their ongoing portfolio of land. Rachael will share her extensive experience and knowledge to advise on their approach to unlocking land and development


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Tuesday, 30th June 2020

1400hrs – 1500hrs


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