Ainscough Strategic Land Swindon

Ainscough Strategic Land – a group that specialised in the acquisition, planning and promotion of land throughout the UK for sustainable development – has received the go-ahead for a new 2,500-home community in Swindon.

Their ‘New Eastern Villages’ development is the largest single elements so far in the expansion of Swindon and which could see 8,000 new homes being built across the region.

The firm – who’re speaking on our free to attend Unlocking Opportunities Webinar – gained approval from Swindon Borough Council for the development of 2,500 new homes along with associated roads, community facilities and employment land. They’re now looking to speak to developers to bring the project forward to the build stage.

Swindon Borough Council’s Head of Planning – Richard Bell – said: “The applicant has ‘designed out’ some of the issues from a previous application. If these houses aren’t built at this site, then they’ll be built on ad-hoc sites across the borough which will be less sustainable and put more pressure on existing infrastructure.”