Rochdale Environment Agency

New flood defences in Greater Manchester have moved a step forward – with the first phase of the £46m scheme being given the green light.

The plans will see new defences put in place in Rochdale and Littleborough, all of which will reduce the risk of flooding through a new flood storage area, raised walls and improvements to culverts and bridges.

Rochdale Borough Council gave the green light to the project’s first phase which is being led primarily by the Environment Agency – who’ll be speaking on our Next Generation Developments Conference. In total the Environment Agency are proposing a three phase approach to development which will:

  • Create one of the largest inland flood risk management schemes in the UK
  • Improve flood protection for 1,000 residential properties and 200 local businesses – as well as the tram network, bus interchange, schools, colleges, grid substation and waster water treatment works

Pete Costello, Area Flood and Coastal Risk Manager for the Environment Agency, said: “Rochdale and Littleborough residents have been waiting for a number of years for increased flood protection in their community. Those who still live with the trauma of the Boxing Day 2015 flood event, and more recent instances of flooding during Storm Ciara and Dennis, should not be made to wait any longer than necessary get these flood defences in place. We are therefore delighted that the planning authority has now approved the plans for the first phase of the Rochdale and Littleborough Flood Alleviation Scheme.

“This is great news for the area as it will allow us to better protect hundreds of homes and businesses while also bringing improved environmental and economic benefits to the areas. We look forward to additional progress on the ground in the coming months and will continue to keep residents and businesses affected by our work informed about the scheme at every stage of its development. Community drop in events for Riverstone Bridge will restart once it is safe to do so as and when coronavirus restrictions are lifted.”