Swan Housing Tide Construction

Documents have been released which show Swan Housing are looking to develop a new modular housing factory in Basildon which could produce over a thousand new homes a year.

The £8.4m factory will aim to have a pipeline of 8,000 modular homes for delivery on sites across Essex and London – including the £500m Better Queensway project in Southend-on-Sea which will deliver almost 1,700 new homes across apartment blocks ranging in height from 3 storeys up to 18 storeys.

The site for the factory would be close to Prologis Park and would be built in partnership with Basildon Council with around £4.5m being funded by Government and £3.9m by the Council.

Kerry Smith, deputy leader at Basildon Council, said: “It proves Basildon is the place to come for factories and businesses. We welcome businesses and as a council, we’re working hard to encourage more to come. It’s brilliant to see a huge firm like Swan Housing have a larger base in Basildon.”

According to the documents, a 15 year lease has already been agreed for the facility, which will also provide up to 90 jobs for Basildon’s workers. The new factory would mean Swan Housing would become the largest manufacturer of modular homes in the South East of England.

Ron Woodley, Deputy leader of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, said: “It’s all about working together to build houses for everyone. We need to continue this to make sure it runs smoothly. We’re following the recommendations. It can’t be a stop and start process. Swan Housing are the experts, we must listen to them. But the homes must meet housing regulations and I’m sure they will. The homes they’ve built in London so far are fantastic. They would be amazing in Southend. If they are 12 to 16 storeys high, the buildings must be safe and appropriate.”

The thousands of new homes will also be delivered to Swan Housing’s projects in Purfleet in Thurrock, and Blackwall Reach in Tower Hamlets, while continuing their work on the former Craylands estate in Basildon.

Swan Housing are speaking on our virtual East of England Development Conference, and you can register here > https://www.built-environment-networking.com/event/east-england-development-conference/