The University of Manchester’s Campus Masterplan is one of the largest estates investments ever seen in UK higher education, supporting the University’s ambitions to become one of the top 25 Universities in the world. Now at halfway stage, this ten-year project will realise the University’s ambition to consolidate the majority of its estate onto a single site, creating a more compact and coherent estate with world-class facilities that are sustainable and efficient.. The huge refurbishment and new development project is set to deliver facilities that rival those of their international competitors and help attract new world-leading academic talent to the institution.

Ahead of the Greater Manchester Development Plans Conference where we’ll be hearing from Steve Jordan, Assistant Director of Estates and Head of Capital Projects at University of Manchester, we take a look into just some of the projects which are in the pipeline.


This residential development is set to take place of a three-phase timeline  to create 3,000 high-quality and modern student accommodation units with the first phase opening in the summer of 2019. The University is currently developing a plan to deliver the remaining phases.

The development is set to bring the University’s accommodation up to date with the expectations of today’s students and their guardians. As well as replacing current facilities the project will see an exciting student hub created, including new social and study facilities that can be used by any University of Manchester student living in the area. The plan also provides for improved sports facilities, which will be accessible to the public and benefit the local community.


The Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD) will be the home of engineering at the University, providing flexible spaces that complement the pioneering engineering developments happening every day at the University. It will be the largest single development ever undertaken by the University and will unite the campus along Oxford Road in the heart of the city.

With engineering research labs forming the core of the development, these spaces have been designed to highest standards and with the ability to evolve to the changing demands of the University’s world leading research. There are extensive, University wide teaching and learning facilities which will be multifunctional and serviced to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students. By providing vibrant and flexible spaces, MECD will transform the way in which the University will educate, encourage collaboration and help to further pioneering engineering research for future generations.


The Discovery Centre at Jodrell Banka attracts around 140,000 visitors of all ages each year to explore the wonders of the universe and learn more about the workings of the giant Mark 1 telescope. The inviting spaces aim to inspire the scientists of the future by engaging them in the scientific research carried out at Jodrell Bank.

The development of the Star Pavilion will further enhance the visitor experience by creating a flexible multi-purpose space that will be used for events, lectures and educational workshops. It’ll also be available for celebrations and corporate hire. The currently thriving Plate Pavilion Café will be extended, creating a space 30% bigger than the current café, to cater for the anticipated increase in visitors.

A key element of this project is to preserve the refurbishment of the iconic Mark 1 telescope, as well as an overhaul of some of its components and the original brick control building. Overnight accommodation facilities will be improved for Square Kilometre Array staff and visitors, and parking across the site will be rationalised.

The work at Jodrell Bank will ensure the telescope and its site continue to be at the forefront of research and that its popularity as a visitor attraction continues to grow. The developments taking place over the next few years aim to celebrate and conserve the history of Jodrell Bank now and in the future, and will support its application for UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

If you want to hear more about these exciting projects, whilst hearing from other speakers including Capital & Centric, Watch This Space, Manchester City Council and Highways England then join us at the Greater Manchester Development Plans Conference.