Flood Prevention – Sector Research Report


Through purchasing this report you’ll:


  • Understand Government polocy and management systems in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Find out where your next commission will come from - find new business opportunities
  • Uncover the latest market trends
  • Discover regional zoning and management of flood risk
  • Assess whether the Government policy is reactive or proactive
  • See opportunities for product developers to have an increased role in flood resilience
  • Understand the responsibilities for developers and how land is designated suitable
  • PESTLE analysis into key areas; including politics, economy, technology and environmental


The report answers questions such as:


  • Who is responsible for managing and mitaging flood risk, and how could this change in the future?
  • Should more be done by developers and housebuilders when building new homes?
  • How can manufacturers and regulators drive change?
  • What is the market scope and future forecast?
  • Who are the key market participants?