Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Regenerating Historic Buildings

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This webinar will focuses specifically on historic buildings – from large scale restorations to the regeneration of heritage buildings into new homes and employment hubs, ensuring we don’t lose unique and historical assets. Speakers discuss key issues and challenges on developing and restoring heritage buildings and mills, whilst sharing intel on their current and future development programmes.

Speakers include:

  • Rushbond – the firm are bringing forward plans for the regeneration of Stonebridge Mills, with residential units initially touted for this 3.6-hectare site. Mark will bring us up to date with the latest developments on this and numerous other projects in the pipeline.
  • Manchester City Council – Paul will provide an overview of the progress made so far in the ‘Our Town Hall’ project and talk about the next steps that will be undertaken and where the next opportunities lie.
  • Homes England – Helen will talk about the work that Homes England are undertaking on historic buildings in addition to an overview of the range of the Homes England offer and how they are galvanising joint working/proactive approaches towards identifying opportunities.
  • Historic England – Catherine will provide an update on Historic England’s activities in the North West and reference certain key projects that are in development stage and also those targeted for development where HE are looking for support. The maintenance and upgrade of Historic Buildings is important to placemaking and also the NW economy.  Catherine will talk about the impact that they have on maintaining and developing communities.