Full Event Video: Developing Gigafactories – Supporting Britain’s Net Zero Ambitions; Sponsored by ISG

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Intel on over £5 billion worth of UK capital development projects will be spoken about on this webinar.

The transition to electrification has generated a rapidly increasing demand for battery cells and packs powering electric vehicles (EVs). Within the UK, it has been estimated that by 2040 there will be demand for 130GWh in battery cell capacity, equivalent to eight gigafactories, signalling a gap between supply and demand which will have to be met either with expensive imports or by building new facilities.

At the moment, the Nissan plant in Sunderland is the only UK facility manufacturing lithium-ion cells at scale with further investment into the UK’s automotive industry being crucial. The UK has a wealth of knowledge and experience in battery chemistry and cell design which needs to be harnessed to provide competitive next generation products.

This webinar will explore the potential of gigafactories to support Britain’s Net Zero ambitions with the organisations at the forefront of these major job creating developments revealing details on their projects.

Speakers for this event include: