Full Event Videos: Building Net Zero Britain Conference in Partnership with SustainIQ

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We’ll be bringing together leaders from across the property, construction, energy, retrofit and infrastructure sectors to discuss, debate and share the work and ideas they’re all undertaking to decrease their carbon emissions to ensure the construction industry helps to tackle climate change.

From major large scale green retrofitting and regeneration projects to the biggest of infrastructure schemes – we’ll be looking at the future plans and how sustainability and environmental concern will be at the heart of these plans, and how that will filter down to the supply chain and delivery partners.

The agenda will discuss topics such as:

  • Accelerating the industry’s net zero position
  • Network Rail’s mission to Net Zero
  • The Crown Estates’ £1.5bn investment plans
  • West Berkshire’s 2030 carbon neutral ambition
  • UKRI’s vision for a net zero construction site
  • Abri’s 10,000 homes in 10 years target
  • National Grid’s upcoming £1bn per year programme
  • The Crown Estates’ sustainable development plans
  • Intel on Rise Homes 5 UK schemes and what’s next
  • And much more…

Speakers include: