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The development of Freeports and Free Zones is set to be one of the most in vogue built environment and economic growth related topics of 2021.

The UK government has opened the bidding process which is likely to see a high volume of submissions for parts of the UK to gain Freeport status. As part of this exclusive event, experts in the field share their knowledge and insight into bid submissions, the ingredients of success and how the awarding of Freeport privileges will act as a catalyst for multitude of property and construction projects.

With the application process set to close on 5th February, this webinar will get delegates ahead of the curve with latest market intelligence.

Speakers for this event include:

  • British Ports Association – an expert in the development of Freeports and a figurehead in the Ports industry, Richard is better placed than most to unpick the complexities of Freeport applications. He will join this session to share market intelligence on various bids and be on hand to answer audience questions.
  • BDB Pitmans – David is a parliamentary agent authorised to promote private bills in Parliament. He specialises in consents required for transport infrastructure schemes including hybrid bills and orders under the Transport and Works Act. He also advises on the promotion of Orders under the Harbours Act 1964 authorising port development. He advises on constitutional and EU law issues including the European (Withdrawal) Act 2018 and the EU Withdrawal Agreement Act 2020. David will be speaking on the topic of Freeports and associated legal issues including the need for and authorisation of infrastructure and associated planning issues.
  • Greater Lincolnshire LEP – By spearheading the Humber Freeport proposals, Halina and her team are working tirelessly to secure freeport status and thus unlock a plethora of associated development projects. She will be on hand to update delegates on the process Lincolnshire LEP are going through as well as the challenges and opportunities they are facing ahead of the February submission deadline.