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Some of the key outputs and learnings from this event include:

  • £44bn Government spending pledge plus water companies spending £8bn every year – explained
  • Future development and investment plans shared by some of the leading water companies
  • Zero carbon and sustainable water plans
  • Learn about the Challenges and hurdles being faced by the industry

Event Information:

This conference will delve into the investment being made across water and utilities infrastructure – highlighting development and work opportunities, and sharing best practice across the industry.

On average, water companies have been investing £8bn per year in developing infrastructure, improving water security and creating new, innovative facilities to maintain the UK’s supply.

This conference will delve into the detail of the £44bn spending pledge made by government to prevent flooding, leakages and a new environmentally friendly capital programme while bringing together a plethora of decision makers from most of the country’s water companies. And we’ll look at the mass of work opportunities moving forward – as millions of new homes are developed, new treatment solutions are needed and more water is needing to be delivered and stored across the UK. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Future development and investment overviews
  • Sharing of knowledge and best practice
  • Major challenges surrounding water leakage
  • Wessex Water’s £1.4bn capital programme
  • South West Water’s £1bn-plus investment plan
  • Challenges and hurdles being faced by the industry
  • Yorkshire Water’s multi-million pound investment
  • £470m investment by Anglian Water
  • New £500m Scottish Water framework
  • Northumbrian Water’s £3bn Capital Investment Plan

Speakers include: