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The importance to Government and the wider UK growth strategy of offsite manufacturing as part of the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda is palpable and this event will provide a platform to speak to representatives from across the development and construction industries on the key challenges and opportunities, with some of the most influential businesses and institutions in the sector in attendance.

The event represents a unique opportunity to take the pulse of the development and construction sectors, and to share experiences and views on offsite manufacturing and construction and the important role that it has to play in the future of the construction industry. It will include many speakers that have a requirement for modular and offsite manufacture construction who will be looking to engage with suppliers and manufacturers, designers and more.

Topics include:

  • 3 Strata Homes developments incorporating MMC
  • BeFirst’s 5,000 homes regeneration project
  • UKRI on the future of MMC in the UK
  • Citu’s £800m Climate Innovation District update
  • Clarion Housing’s £1.2 billion housing investment
  • Modomo’s pipeline of over 1,300 homes
  • First Base’s £500m development plans
  • Network Rail’s transformational modular bridges
  • Intel on UKRI’s Transforming Construction Challenge
  • Intel on Citu’s 113 unit development in Sheffield
  • BEIS £170m Transforming Construction Challenge
  • Clarion Housing’s Manchester 442 apartment scheme
  • Developer First Base’s journey using MMC
  • The next generation of innovative bridges
  • Durham Council’s MMC ambitions on 500 homes
  • £19.5m eco-friendly Stockton-on-Tees housing project


Speakers for this event include: