Full Conference Video & Presentations: Avoiding Project Nightmares – What’s Important When Projects Go Wrong

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Employees are spending more time working from home or remotely, disputes are becoming more prominent, projects are facing delays or changing – it’s becoming more vital to reduce risk due to all of these and more.

Avoiding and managing disputes requires a proactive, rather than a reactive approach, starting from the minute a contract is exchanged (if a contract is in place) and including the ongoing management of correspondence relating to the project. The vast amount of this correspondence lives within email. That means being able to efficiently capture and manage all correspondence, and making that information accessible to all so no-one is left out of the communication loop.

Many of these risks today lie within the chaos of project emails. How do you manage the risk of today?

Join this online event to discover:

  • How integrating email into your project management helps mitigate project risk, close the communication loop, save time, deal with employees leaving, and connect site teams to your back office
  • How to better understand, predict, and rectify issues before they become problems
  • How Gensler, Ramboll, Arup and Skanska are making email a powerful ally in disputes and enabling project teams to do more with less

Speakers for this event include: 

  • Mail Manager – Jacob Wardrop is a Commercial Director at Mail Manager, the email management solution developed by Arup, with over 10 years’ experience in Construction, helping some of the nation’s leading contractors solve challenges associated with risk, productivity and information management.
  • i3PT Certification – i3PT provide a number of key services to the construction industry, all of which are focused on improving quality, as well as protecting the interests of our clients and the public. Every service we deliver places professional ethics at the centre of our decision-making. Our software, CertCentral®, improves behaviours on construction projects by making it easier to work together, track performance and demonstrate quality. Our platform provides users with a simplified user experience, and live data analytics and reporting, allowing users to work smarter and create seamless integration between the site and the office.