Full Webinar Video & Presentations: ConTech Series: How 3D Printing Is Changing Construction

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Automated construction has lots of promise: better quality, faster delivery and lower cost. But realising this potential is very slow. 3D printing is one automated process that has much to offer construction. Its flexibility fits well with the bespoke nature of construction and the industry has dabbled with the technology for producing one-off components – and even whole buildings – but the technology is still some way from wholesale adoption.

In this webinar we will explore why 3D Printing still remains on the fringes of the construction industry. Is it a red herring; a non-starter in an industry that has no need of its fanciful intricacies and no time for its demanding complexities? Or has the construction sector been unable to clearly identify its potential value?

This webinar is part of a new series on the future of the construction industry which are taking place over the coming months, and will explore the next big trends, innovations and challenges the industry needs to prepare for.

We will gather major industry influencers and free thinkers to discuss the challenges and opportunities that will be present across the built environment in the years to come.

Speakers for this event include: 

  • Robert Bird Group – having spent the best part of the last decade working on huge projects in the Middle East, Paul has seen first-hand how innovative construction technologies can vastly accelerate construction projects. Paul will give a thought leadership perspective on 3D Printing as someone whose message to the sector is “Let us welcome 3D printing with open arms as an in-progress case study on innovation and as a much-needed catalyst for change”.
  • Dynamist Technologies – Wanting to help create solutions to homelessness in her native Brazil led Anielle to set up a 3D printing start-up, Urban 3D, a technology construction company aimed at using materials science technology to develop low-cost solutions to the urban housing crisis. Anielle will speak about her latest work using 3D Printing in construction and talk about its potential to tackle the housing crisis worldwide.
  • 3D Vinci Creations – 3D Vinci Creations are one of the first and foremost 3D printing companies working in the UAE having executed a 3D printed buildings in different locations with variable conditions, meeting the requirements of local authorities. Edouard will reveal more about 3D Concrete Printing’s potential to build housing at a large scale and also how it can be used to help us construct future infrastructure projects.
  • Concreative – Concreative is the first industrial large-scale Concrete 3D Printing Company who specialise in concrete additive manufacturing with full integrated services. Making use of innovative technology to merge architects’ ideas and engineers’ constraints Concreative are at the forefront of Concrete 3D printing expertise. Myriam will join the session to speak about Concreative’s  future projects and how their innovative tech designs & manufactures highly complex shapes for construction.