Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Disruptor Series: Futureproofing Water Infrastructure

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The UK’s water resources are coming under increasing strain, with population growth, economic development and climate change all contributing to an ever more precarious water supply. Possible solutions include more intelligent use of natural resources, major investment in water infrastructure and placing a greater emphasis on water planning and usage in new development.

We will gather major industry figures and visionary thought leaders to explore the steps we must take to ensure a secure and sustainable water supply. This webinar is a must for those wishing to understand how water issues will impact the property sector, and those wanting to get involved in the large scale investment needed to futureproof water supply in the UK.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Bristol Water – Patric is responsible for the long and short-term planning of water resources for the Bristol area (approximately 1,000 square miles, with a population of 1.2 million people) and the overall environmental performance of a business turning over £130m per year. With 25 years’ experience in the UK water industry, he has developed a deep experience of the sector and a comprehensive understanding of the role it plays in the developing circular economy. He will discuss the importance of strategic water resource management planning and infrastructure investment as to ensure domestic needs are balanced against the needs of industry, energy and agriculture.
  • Ofwat – Managing Director of RAPID (Regulators Alliance Progressing Infrastructure Development) – a regulatory partnership between Ofwat, the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate. RAPID’s goal is to ensure the coordinated delivery of the strategic water resource schemes required to meet the needs of people, the economy and environment, as set out in the National Water Resource Framework. Paul will discuss RAPID’s work to accelerate the development of new water infrastructure to strengthen our water resources against the effects of population growth, economic development and climate change.
  • British Water – British Water is a dynamic association with a varied membership of companies covering all sectors of the water and wastewater industry. Their members design, build, operate, maintain and provide critical solutions, technologies and research for water assets at home and internationally. Karolina has in-depth knowledge of water and waste-water related issues as a result of her international background in the aquatics and environment industry.